[Nut-upsdev] Issue with On Line Status (APC MGE Galaxy 5500 + AP9635CH)

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Mon Feb 27 23:56:56 GMT 2023

mateuszx via Nut-upsdev <nut-upsdev at alioth-lists.debian.net> writes:

> At my workplace I have exact UPS config as stated in the subject (APC MGE
> Galaxy 5500 + AP9635CH).
> I have it set up to work with snmp-ups NUT driver.
> Despite many readings from *upsc* command I am not receiving "On Line
> Status" (ups.status OL) nor "On Battery Status" (ups.status OB) and
> therefore I can't get my systems to shutdown during a power outage event.
> (device and ups) Serial Number seems to be missing too in both *upsc *AND Web
> Interface of Network Management Card.
> It can read battery charge just fine (it can even trigger Low Battery
> Status!).
> When I unplug the UPS from line power it does indeed log this event on the
> Web Interface.

I would run tcpdump and record and examine the SNMP traffic, and turn on
debugging in the driver.  It is likely that the SNMP queries for status
are not doing what the driver author expected.  You'll have to find out
if your UPS has different variables.  snmpwalk may also be useful, or

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