[Nut-upsdev] Sponsorship from DigitalOcean

Jim Klimov jimklimov+nut at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 22:47:15 GMT 2023

Cheers all,

  you may have seen related preparatory news on the NUT website or in the
README changes, but now the next step is official:

  The fine folks at DigitalOcean approved FOSS sponsoring credits to
re-host the custom-built multi-platform non-regression NUT CI farm, which
builds several hundred scenarios per iteration (to cover a matrix with many
OSes, toolkit versions and implementations, and dependency versions), with
a tranche of credits that by my estimation should last for the intended
year with VM config/setup comparable to what runs now elsewhere and has an
eviction notice looming.

  As part of that discussion I've discovered that the social-networking
element of GitHub et al with "stars"/"likes"/... of projects being a
practical physically meaningful metric for FOSS sponsors to gauge the
impact their help can make (and visibility it brings back).

  So it was surprising that NUT is around for a quarter of a century,
installed and helping probably on millions of machines, and yet there are
just a handful of visibly active people and 1.2k collected stars... Vim,
bash, git or curl are similar as commonly pre-installed background
radiation, but are way more "liked"! ;)

  Long story short: when you visit official repos of projects you use and
like, don't hesitate to "star" them - sooner or later it can help them

Jim Klimov
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