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Havoc havoc at clio.ls.la
Fri Dec 30 04:45:37 UTC 2005


I have a little problem with PowerCom BNT600AP after running driver I
see: root at rask> powercom -D /dev/ttyS1
Network UPS Tools - PowerCom and similars protocol UPS driver $
Revision: 0.5 $ (2.0.2)

debug level is '1'
Values of arguments:
 manufacturer            : 'PowerCom'
 model name              : 'Unknown'
 serial number           : 'Unknown'
 line voltage            : '230'
 type                    : 'Trust'
 number of bytes from UPS: '11'
 method of flow control  : 'dtr0rts1'
 validation sequence: '{{5,0},{7,0},{8,0}}'
 shutdown arguments: '{{0,10},n}'
 frequency calculation coefficients: '{0.000210,0.000209}'
 load percentage calculation coefficients:
'{6.134300,-0.380800,4.311000,0.181100}' battery percentage calculation
coefficients: '{5.000000,0.326800,-825.000000,4.563900,-835.820007}'
voltage calculation coefficients: '{0.954500,0.000000}' data receiving
error (-1 instead of 11 bytes)

tell my what Im doing wrong...

OS: Slackware 10.2-current (
UPS: PowerCom BNT600AP RS-232

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ICQ: 99511187 JID: tommy at chrome.pl
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