[Nut-upsuser] Re: Nut & Powerware 5110

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 10:34:14 UTC 2005


> I have a powerware 5110 USB UPS.
>I am running SuSE 10.0 (which ships with nut 2.0.2-3)
>Linux <myhostname> 2.6.13-15-smp #1 SMP Tue Sep 13 14:56:15 UTC 2005 i686
>i386 GNU/Linux
>Plugging in the usb creates /dev/usbdev2.2
>and KDE control module shows:
>Manufacturer: Powerware
>Class 0 (defined at interface level)
>Subclass 0
>protocol 0
>USB version 0.20
>Vendor ID 0x592 (Powerware Corp)
>Product ID 0x2
>Revision 0.50
>Speed 1.5 Mbit/s
>Channels 0
>Max. Packet Size 0
>So the computer is at least "_sort_ of seeing" the UPS
>I have trawled through the list stuff and other sources which suggest at
>various times that I should use:
>newhidups (not in the SuSE package for some reason)
>bcmxcp_usb (cannot find this anywhere on the internet)
>genericups with type=7 (does not work but then it looks like a serial
>to me)
>Any idea what driver I should use, where it might be available and what
>options I might use ? or indeed if its possible at all.
>Any hints gratefully received

yep, the one you need is bcmxcp_usb, that will be available in 2.0.3 (from
-pre2, to be released when I got the time to finish it...)

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