Antwort: Re: [Nut-upsuser] nut driver for Belkin OmniGuard F6C230 - RKM

Thomas Rolle Thomas_Rolle at
Fri Nov 18 11:40:52 UTC 2005

First of all there was a problem with the port /dev/ttyS0. We are running 
Xen and it used this device as a virtual console.
Now i'm using a standalone pc so there are no problems with /dev/ttyS0 

But i still cannot figure out the correct driver. genericups always gives 
wrong results. this means we are not able to determine a difference 
between OL and OB.

The driver belkin also gives completete useless information (all values 
set to 0.00).

Driver belkinunv cannot establish a connection:
        belkinunv[4961]: Cannot read from UPS
        belkinunv[4961]: Invalid response from UPS

I've compiled this driver for nut2.0.2, and i'm running nut1.4.0 - but I 
don't think that this can be the problem.

Thomas Rolle

Charles Lepple <clepple at> schrieb am 15.11.2005 19:31:09:

> Please don't be offended if you have already been through this, but
> have you checked permissions on the serial devices? What error
> messages did you receive?

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