[Nut-upsuser] elsist UPS

Arjen de Korte arjen at de-korte.org
Tue Sep 13 19:03:23 UTC 2005

Angelo Gelmi wrote:

> Hi, I'm new of this list.

Welcome here!

> I installed nut with apt on my ubuntu64, my ups is an elsist and with it
> I found the Driver's CDROM only for windows. It's branded Fenton but on
> it there is also printed Safenet.

Good, that looks like a UPS which is supported by the 'safenet' driver,
a driver I maintain.

> I had no particular problems installing nut with safenet driver. But
> when I'm trying to connect it with the command: upsc elsist at localhost i
> get this output
> driver.name: safenet
> driver.parameter.port: /dev/ttyS0
> driver.version: 1.4.3

This is an older version of NUT. Version 2 has been out for quite a
while now, so if you can find this one, please install it.

> driver.version.internal: 0.03

Fortunately for you, the safenet driver is the latest.

> ups.mfr: unknown
> ups.model: unknown
> ups.serial: unknown

These are all variables that can be set in the 'ups.conf' configuration
file. The protocol that is used ('safenet') is only 'half-smart', in the
sense that the UPS will reply to basically any command with a set of ten
characters, which are not more than status bits. The meaning of these
can be found in the sources of the driver. It is by no means smart
enough to transfer the above mentioned information, so you optionally
can enter these by hand (not needed for operation though, only useful if
you have more UPS-es connected). The man page 'man safenet' will also
tell you that.

> ups.status: OL

Your UPS is connected to the mains and is operating normally.

> My UPS my pc is not shutting down when I pull the wire from UPS...

This is intentional. The shutdown will only be initiated if the UPS is
running on battery and the battery charge is getting low. The reason
behind is in the FAQ:


 Q: Why doesn't upsmon shut down my system?  I pulled the plug and
    nothing happened.

 A: Wait.  upsmon doesn't consider a UPS to be critical until it's both
    'on battery' and 'low battery' at the same time.  This is by design.
    Nearly every UPS supports the notion of detecting the low battery
    all by itself.  When the voltage drops below a certain point, it
    _will_ let you know about it.

    If your system has a really complicated shutdown procedure, you
    might need to shut down before the UPS raises the low battery flag.
    For most users, however, the default behavior is adequate.

    Ask yourself this: why buy a nice big UPS with the matching battery
    and corresponding runtime and then shutdown early?  If anything, I'd
    rather have a few more minutes running on battery during which the
    power might return.  Once the power's back, it's business as usual
    with no visible interruption in service.

    If you purposely shut down early, you guarantee an interruption in
    service by bringing down the box.

    See upssched.txt for information on how you can shutdown early if
    this is what you really want to do.


> I read documentation on site included faq but i cant understand very
> well what to do know to configure an automatic ups shutdown (I've read
> also the shutdown.txt file)

That depends on your system. Since I do not use Unbutu, I can't help you
there. Rest assured that NUT *is* working correctly.
> My questions are:
> 1. is my ups fully recognized using safenet driver?


> 2. How can I verify that UPSmon is informed that the UPS is in
> lowbattery mode?

As stated somewhere in the README's, you may want to try this out before
going live. Power your computer straight from the mains and pull the
plug on your UPS. When the battery charge is going low, NUT will inform
you about that. You can also follow this with the 'upsc' if you want
too, since that will also show you the status of the UPS.


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