[Nut-upsuser] Driver for Tripp Lite SmartPro SLT

Kenneth Tindle ktindle at uky.edu
Sun Sep 18 08:05:08 UTC 2005

Paul, you seem pretty tuned in to this deal.  I really don't mean to
sound indelicate, but...

Can I say "pretty please" to get the 3003 driver released, even if in
crude form sufficient only for shutdown with commercial power loss and
little (if anything) else?

How in the heck are you getting the low down on 3003?  Is it all reverse
engineering on your part, or do there exist any "official" docs on it?

I must repeat, I'm not trying to be crude or cute.  I'm just impressed
with your knowledge level.

Does Tripp Lite implement 3003 on the USB port too?  Or is that some
kind of legitimate standard?  I'm referring to the data tossed to and
fro, not USB signal/pin definitions.

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