[Nut-upsuser] Unitek iZi UPS 525

Ciprian Vizitiu cvizitiu at gbif.org
Tue Dec 26 10:44:21 CET 2006

> Note that the document 
> you're referring to lists a specific UPS model, it doesn't 
> state that all devices using this protocol use this pin layout.

Really? Silly me then; Megatec looked like a fairly evolved protocol so I
was afraid that, since no RTS/CTS signaling was in place into the
manufacturer supplied cable, maybe plain RX/TX/GND won't do. For example
Minicom showed "Offline" all the time during the tests.

> The compatibility list you're referring to is outdated. There 
> have been quite some changes recently (also in the new 
> megatec driver) 

... :-D Good to know. Last night I've ended up soldering all but one of the
cables listed in the "Cables" page of NUT just to discover that it wasn't
the cable, it was simply the driver. 

Note to anyone Googling for Unitek iZi UPS 525 and Linux: it's a Mustek UPS
and at least with NUT 2.0.3 it works with "powermust" driver using the
supplied cable. Missing the cable? It's a simple straight RX/TX/GND; on DB9:
2->2, 3->3, 5->5. Before doing any tests with NUT make sure you can
communicate with the UPS using Minicom: go for 2400 8N1, turn hardware flow
control off and issue a Q1 command, UPS should answer with a "(value value
value..." type of string. 

> and nut-2.0.5 will be released in just a 
> couple days from now. If you can't wait for that, grab it 
> from the SVN trunk.

2.0.3 is biting me bad in the upssched department so I guess I'll have to go
for SVN. :-(

> > PPS. Yes, the UPS has "Linux" written on the box and they do provide
> some kind of daemon, it's just that it requires JRE and X! =:-o
> The 'Linux' support for many of those system, usually 
> comprises of a closed source driver for ancient Linux 
> distro's. Don't count on it if it's written on the box, 
> unless you're bying MGE which provides excellent Linux support.

Well... True every word. Except my choice was (and is...) very much budget
oriented and IT shops limited; It was either "dumb UPS no serial interface",
this Unitek with "Linux" printed on the carton or... ouch!... APC; No MGE.

Anyway, using NUT and powermust driver with serial interface this Unitek
does an amazingly good job for the money though; Lucky me I guess.

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