[Nut-upsuser] NUT + Cyberpower AVR1200 (BC1200) + FreeBSD 6.0

doug reynolds mav at wastegate.net
Thu Feb 9 03:16:23 UTC 2006

Andrew Burgess wrote:
> I got one of these working recently with NUT. I modified the
> cpsups.c driver, mostly deleting leading "\r" in the strings,
> which seemed to confuse my ups, changed the timeout which caused
> lost characters and adding the id returned by the ups.
> I haven't really finished
> with it but it did find the ups, poll it and return battery level
> etc. I used the serial interface and this was linux not bsd.
> Attached is cpsups.c (this was from nut-2.0.3)
I've not much of a c / c++ programmer, but I did hack with the source 
(your .c file didn't come through, did what you said) to get my avr1200 
working (kinda).

however, it doesn't seem to know how to shut off right.  I pulled the 
plug and it turned off after about ~5 minutes, and it wouldn't power on 
after I plugged the ups back in.  it would only turn back on after I 
cycled the power switch..

any clues, or is my UPS driver still too dumb to know what to do??  I 
need to borrow my friend's laptop to grab the XP datastream to figure 
stuff out.

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