[Nut-upsuser] Re: Question on Belkin UPS

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Thu Jan 5 03:21:23 UTC 2006

Peter Selinger wrote:
> Dear Ashley,
> I have no personal experience with the Tower-Rack series, but someone
> reported on the Nut-upsuser mailing list on 29 Nov 2005 that these
> models work with the "belkin" driver of the NUT software
> (http://www.networkupstools.org/). This is for the serial port. For
> USB, the NUT "newhidups" driver should work (or if it does not, we can
> fix it).

I will admit, this is on my to do list as well for the 1100va ups. (I 
have 2).  Fortunately, I now only have three machines to shut down so it 
makes configuration easier.

which is preferred UPS or cereal?  Everything I've seen says the serial 
interface is the more stable slush reliable.  Has that changed?  Should 
I be using the CVS test code?
> The software that Belkin includes is the "Bulldog" software. They do
> offer a Linux version, but it is not included on the CD that comes
> with their products (one can download it from their website). 

it's also for Red Hat eight or nine which is really too old for any real 

--- eric

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