[Nut-upsuser] Re: Xserve, USB, NUT

Ted Bardusch nups at bjmoose.com
Sun Jan 8 02:19:04 UTC 2006

OK, I build nut-2.0.2 on another Mac (Powermac G5, 10.4.3 up to date,  
libusb 0.1.10a).  Brought it up, no complaints from upsdrvctl, upsd.   
The output of the upsc:
# ./upsc br1500 at localhost
battery.charge: 100
battery.charge.low: 10
battery.runtime: 5008
battery.voltage: 26.0
battery.voltage.nominal: 26.0
driver.name: newhidups
driver.parameter.port: auto
driver.version: 2.0.2
driver.version.data: APC HID 0.7
driver.version.internal: 0.23
ups.delay.shutdown: -1
ups.firmware: 8.g7 .D
ups.firmware.aux: g7
ups.mfr: American Power Conversion
ups.model: Back-UPS RS 1500
ups.serial: JB0322010041
ups.status: OL
ups.test.result: No test initiated

The preferences pane does seem to still have control of the UPS - it  
agrees with the model number, firmware, vendor.

Thanks again


On Jan 7, 2006, at 2:23 PM, Charles Lepple wrote:

> On 1/7/06, Ted <nups at bjmoose.com> wrote:
>> Thank you sir, I really appreciate your assistance.
> No problem!
>> One reason though that I like NUT is the expanded UPS data available
>> compared to the built-in that Apple has.  OS X tends to give you  
>> percent of
>> battery, and that's in for info.  Nothing more available.
> True.
> Maybe we can look at the native OS X HID API. (That was one of the
> goals of libhid, but it turns out we can cover most of the other
> Unix-ish systems all by using libusb.)
>> And no remote
>> monitoring either.  And no way (as in my case) to have two systems  
>> on one
>> UPS share shutdowns.
> What I was thinking was to have a new NUT driver that is really a
> metadriver - it would talk to OS X's power management drivers,
> allowing you to run NUT on that computer in cases where newhidups
> won't work, or is messy to install. Then, any other equipment plugged
> into that UPS could connect to the master.
>> I have another OS X box on a different APC UPS, I'll try that on  
>> 2.0.2 - how
>> would I tell it had "stolen" the interface?  As I recall it did  
>> get the
>> serial number and model numbers...
> The easiest thing might be to post the complete upsc output.
> --
> - Charles Lepple

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