[Nut-upsuser] Re: your Tripp-Lite AVR550U

Peter Selinger selinger at mathstat.dal.ca
Sat May 13 01:53:46 UTC 2006

Patrick Nolan wrote:
> Peter Selinger wrote:
> > Hi Patrick,
> > 
> > in February, you tried to post the below message to the nut-upsuser
> > list, but the post was rejected because you were not subscribed to the
> > list. Unfortunately, you did not subscribe and re-post it.
> > 
> > Anyway, I have been working on Tripp-Lite support for newhidups
> > recently, and I wonder if you have any feedback. Did you ever get this
> > device to work?
> It works ok under the old hidups driver.
> The only annoyance is that when the machine is rebooted, the ownership
> of /dev/hiddev1 reverts to root.  I never got around to making an
> automatic process to make sure which device it gets attached to
> (although it always seems to be hiddev1).  I could do that and put
> it into the startup script, but so far I have been checking and
> changing the ownership by hand.

Right. This is perhaps a matter of setting up the correct hotplugging
scripts, but I am not sure how to do it for the /dev/hiddev interface.
In any case, the old hidups driver will be discontinued soon, and is
not actively supported any more.

> >>From the information you sent, it looks like it quite might be a
> > proper HID power class device (not serial-over-usb). If you could run
> > (as root)
> > 
> >  newhidups -u root -DD -x generic -x vendorid=09ae auto
> > 
> My version of newhidups doesn't accept the -x generic argument.

Drats, you're right. I though this feature was in 2.0.3, but actually
it was introduced afterwards. If you get the current development
sources from SVN, you would be able to run this. In any case, you
would need the newest version for Tripp Lite support.

> newhidups -u root -DD -x vendorid=09ae auto gives
> Checking device (09AE/1003) (002/003)
> - VendorID: 09ae
> - ProductID: 1003
> - Manufacturer: Tripp Lite
> - Product: TRIPP LITE UPS
> - Serial Number: 692186 A
> - Bus: 002
> Trying to match device
> Device does not match - skipping
> I don't know if this will help you.

Not very much, unfortunately. 

In case you feel like experimenting with this, I am attaching a patch
that *might* enable this device to be supported by the newhidups
driver, when applied to the current development version from the SVN
repository. Some fine-tuning will probably be required, for which the
output of "newhidups -u root -DD -x generic -x vendorid=09ae auto"
would still be useful. 

-- Peter

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