[Nut-upsuser] Re: FreeBSD 6.1, MGE Ellipse ASR600USBS, newhidups & upsd

Eric Masson emss at free.fr
Thu Nov 23 15:03:27 CET 2006

Arjen de Korte a écrit :

Hello Arjen,

> Could you try with the dummy-ups driver from SVN? Please add the following
> two lines to your ups.conf file:
> [dummy]
> 	driver = dummy-ups

I've tried with mge-shut :
emss at box:~> cat /usr/local/etc/nut/ups.conf
# Network UPS Tools: example ups.conf
       driver = mge-shut
         port = /dev/cuad0
         desc = "MGE Ellipse ASR600USBS"
         notification = 3

> If upsd is not able to monitor this dummy UPS, there is something very
> wrong in your configuration.

upsd monitors mge-shut without any glitch now.

I've had a kernel crash in usb subsystem while playing with newhidups 
yesterday evening, so usb stack could be the problem.

I'll check with FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE as soon as it becomes available. For 
the time being, I have to buy another pci/serial card...

Regards and many thanks for your help


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