[Nut-upsuser] Bug in file parsing of ups.conf

Doug Parsons doparsons at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 23 13:41:52 UTC 2006

Version 2.0.4 on CentOS (RHEL 4)

I goofed on my original post and sent it to the bounce. Between then and now
I have done some further digging and found the real issue.

I was having an issue with the ups.conf file not being read after the 21st
entry. Turns out this was were the first error occurred. I could move the
entries around in the file and get them to load. What I did not realize is
where the real issue was.

It turns out that there is a bug in the parser for the ups.conf file that if
the description contains a space as the last character the next entry will
not be recognized and will fail to start. Once I removed the spaces from the
last four enties (21 to 24 thus 21 being the last to load) all seems to be



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