[Nut-upsuser] Ellipse 750 USBS auto shutdown and NUT.

Jimmy Jazz Jimmy.Jazz at gmx.net
Wed Sep 27 17:42:14 UTC 2006

I suggest you to use NOTIFYCMD /usr/sbin/upssched instead and imediately
power off when the ups is on battery. Let me know if this works for you.

You can find some explanations how to do this at
http://www.franck-barbenoire.name/slackware/slack.php  (Onduleur section)


Frédéric POTTER a écrit :
> is upsmon -c fsd working for you ?
> [Frédéric POTTER] 
> yes it is. 
> I remember having a similar problem. A library wasn't found during the
> halt process because /usr was on a separate partition. During the
> shutdown process /usr will be dismounted before the nut stop sequence is
> completed.
> [Frédéric POTTER] 
> well, here the issue is slightly different. When the Elitte USBS 750
> goes on low battery, it shutdown itslef IMMEDIATELY. nut has no chance
> to receive any signal, since everything is brutally shut down...
> thanks
> fred 
> That could be ld-linux.so or something
> look at the error message returned or run ldd /usr/sbin/upsmon to find
> out which one is missing.
> Jj

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