[Nut-upsuser] Configure script not recognizing NET-SNMP

Mark Lanctot mark.lanctot at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 19:52:28 UTC 2007


I'm trying to install NUT 2.2.0 stable.

The configure script isn't recognizing my NET-SNMP installation.  It
exits with a "configure: error: "Net-SNMP libraries not found,
required for SNMP drivers"

I'm running Ubuntu 7.04 64-bit with NET-SNMP 5.2.3-4ubuntu1 and
NET-SNMP daemon 5.2.3-4ubuntu1 along with libsnmp9 5.2.3-4ubuntu1 and
libsnmp-base 5.2.3-4ubuntu1.

Is there an issue with my installed SNMP libraries?  Anything
additional I should install, or should I go with newer SNMP libraries?
 These are from the Ubuntu repositories, are they compatible?

Thank you.

Mark Lanctot

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