[Nut-upsuser] TrippLite OMNIVS1500XL Segmentation Fault

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Sat Aug 11 17:08:35 UTC 2007

>> upsd[12452]: Data for UPS [tripplite] is stale - check driver
>> tripplite_usb[12450]: Reconnect attempt #1
>> tripplite_usb[12450]: Successfully reconnected
> I forget how MAXAGE works, but if you can fix this by increasing
> maxage, you probably want to figure out the time difference between
> the first tripplite_usb error above, and the "Sucessfully reconnected"
> message.

MAXAGE is no longer relevant when it comes to staleness of drivers. That
is, if you keep it at the default of 15 seconds. A long time ago, we would
wait for drivers to signal that they are still alive and drivers had to
call 'dstate_dataok()' to prevent these staleness warnings. This is no
longer the case (for many years already), now that the server actively
sollicits a response from the driver by sending it a 'PING' (to which
drivers should respond with 'PONG').

If the server is complaining about a stale driver, it is because the
driver has not replied to at least three attempts to 'PING' it. The most
likely cause is that the driver is waiting for a response from the UPS too
long in upsdrv_updateinfo(). During that time it will be unresponsive to
the server and hence the staleness warning.

Best regards, Arjen
Eindhoven - The Netherlands
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