[Nut-upsuser] Upsmon and Winnut disconnect regularly

stevesz at enternet.hu stevesz at enternet.hu
Fri Dec 28 11:19:30 UTC 2007

Hi All!

This time I'm using Nut 2.2.0, Debian etch and kernel v.
My hardware config is quite simple. There are 2 PCs connected to my
PowerMust 600VA. One is mensioned above the other is a Windows PC
using Winnut 2.0.0b. The Linux PC is connected to the UPS via a
serial cable and acts as the server.

The problem is that both upsmon and winnut disconnect regularly but
in random moments. First I've been using kernel v. and
tried upgrading it to the version mensioned, but I've reached the
same results. Remembering that I've been using Nut 2.0.0 succesfully
a few years ago, I've tried that version again, but with the same
results. Then I realized that I've been using kernel v. 2.6.10 that
time, so there can be some problems.

I've analized the network traffic between the two PCs and realized
that maybe I have problems with the delayed ACKs. And at this point
I have no idea how to continue.

Can anyone help me?

Thanx in advance!

Bye: Steve

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