[Nut-upsuser] NUT-2.0.3 - problems on setting values

Andreas Rust rust at busche.de
Fri Feb 2 13:19:25 CET 2007

(As usual, just figured I only replied to Arnaud, not the list ... sigh)

Arnaud Quette wrote:

>> Meaby, these parameters decrease as soon as they are programmed. Reading
>> them back never gives the programmed value.
>> ups.delay.shutdown and ups.delay.start behaves like this on our MGE UPS.
> that's it.
>> >The value reported by upsc "-1" appears odd to us as well.
>> Default value ? or re-programmation failed ?
> default value.
> considering that any *.delay.* value is a timer (at least with mge
> units), these are decreased until 0 (action is realised, ie shutdown),
> and set back to -1 (not init'ed)
> Arnaud

Interesting. Sounds reasonable, but also slightly confused me. :)

How would the parameters have to be set up to shutdown outlet.1 or 2
automatically when reaching 20% battery charge then?

Something on .switch and .switchable?

As said, currently the server shuts down nicely and whenever it is off,
we want to later shutdown outlet.1.

Of course the server can just set the shutdown value for outlet.1 on
shutdown, but is that the way to go for then?

Is the "ups.status: OL CHRG" output common on MGE aswell?

Thanks for pointing it out, Patrick and Arnaud.


Andreas Rust

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