[Nut-upsuser] Shutdown problem with Geek Squad GS1285U

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 21:46:10 CET 2007

On 2/6/07, Gary Redden <redden at skybest.com> wrote:
> See the poweroff section of the script. My question is:
> "Since I do not have much knowledge on how the Linux  system boots and
> shutdown I have spent the last several days searching for how the scrips
> /etc/init.d are supposed to work but every thing I have found is a
> little different than what I find on my Ubuntu system. Does this script
> ever get called with poweroff?"

I have to admit that while I have several Ubuntu and Debian boxes at
home, our power failures tend to be short blips, so I haven't set them
up to be sure that the UPS shuts down properly.

When I have time (hopefully some night this week), I will try to
figure out how this works.

- Charles Lepple

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