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At 01:01 PM 2/23/07, you wrote:
>[please, keep the traffic on the list]
Now that I'm awake, no problem.

This is how message traffic is showing up from the list:

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So my default "hit reply" reflex sends e-mail to the poster, not to the list.

>2007/2/23, A.Lizard <alizard at ecis.com>:
>>At 05:12 AM 2/23/07, you wrote:
>> >Not sure you've seen it, so I step up:
>> >
>> >in the "ps" output, there is: hald-addon-hid-ups
>> >this is an HAL addon, based upon the same code as our old hidups...
>> >this is what I'm working on in NUT to replace.
>> >I've not thought at it before since I've completely disabled hiddev
>> >support in kernel for MGE units, but any other brand that is HID
>> >compliant, should face it.
>> >
>> >the detach method might fail since the driver is _used_, not only loaded!
>> >
>> >Note that the above is the reason why I've not thrown out _our_ HAL
>> >support: we still need a way to instruct the HAL autoloaded drivers
>> >not to run if we want to use the classic nut . And this will be done
>> >through the new config (nut.conf -> MODE)
>> >
>> >I've no clean solution apart from removing / renaming the addon...
>>So I should try finding the addon and removing or renaming it?
>simply unplug your UPS' USB cord
>rename the hald-addon-hid-ups file (should be somewhere in
>/usr/lib/hal ; use rpm or deb to query the content exact and path of
>the hal package)
>plug back your USB cord,
>retry the previous tests.

thanks, I'll give it a try.


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