[Nut-upsuser] abusing nut ups to do temperature shutdown WHILEmonitoring UPS'es

Doug Parsons doparsons at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 26 14:34:30 UTC 2007

My thought was not to worry about shutting down the UPS. Since I want to
manually start the servers after a temp shutdown then if the server powers
off as a slave monitoring the fake UPS the server will never reboot as the
UPS will stay powered on. Or I could just be totally out in left field.


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> I have a plan to do the same thing. The approach I was going to take is to
> use several fake ups units that use contact closure style drivers. The use
> a contact closure from the temp sensor to send the fake UPS units into LB
> status. If the are fake units and all servers monitor for these in
> addition to the real ones.

That's overly complex. If these servers are upsmon slaves (and they
probably are), only the upsmon master needs to monitor this 'fake' UPS. If
it sees that insufficient power is available, it will shutdown the slaves
that are connected to it without further configuration. So only the upsmon
masters needs to monitor this 'fake' UPS.

As already said, the problem is how to keep everything off.

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