[Nut-upsuser] Where to buy a db9 serial port probe

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at prime.gushi.org
Mon Jun 4 22:52:13 UTC 2007


I apologize if this is slightly off topic, but I'm in the process of 
trying to get NUT working and I've discovered the need for a serial port 
probe that is native db9 - native db9 (the thought of hanging a probe plus 
two db9-db25 adapters plus a cable on a UPS bothers me greatly).  I'm not 
looking for anything fancy, just a little gender changer with a buncha 
LEDs on it.

However, every search for "db9/analyzer/probe/breakout/rs232" and any 
combination thereof has yielded crap results except for one for $40 from 
BlackBox, and quite frankly that's a bit much for a piece of hardware I'll 
use ONCE.

David Harris, serial guru shows a pic of this on a page of his:


But says this model is BAD because of the way the LEDs are soldered (I 
really do not care), but I cannot find out how to find this device at ALL.

Anyone else have any clues?



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