[Nut-upsuser] Multiple USVs (how to identify each one)

David Mohr damailings at mcbf.net
Thu Jun 7 16:33:12 UTC 2007

On 6/7/07, FORMER 03 | Baltasar Cevc <baltasar.cevc at former03.de> wrote:
> we have three MGE UPS'. I've read all the documents I've found, but
> I haven't got the information I need.
> All three of them being attached to the same machine I need a way to
> identify which is wich (all three use the same driver). They power
> different systems (two of them running windows so that I can't easily
> setup a network-enabled software on two of them, as I've only seen
> a NUT client for MS Windows).

I'm a bit confused by your description, so here is how I understand
your setup: all three UPSes are attached to the same machine, so I am
assuming that you have all three USB cables coming to one machine
running nut. Then there are three distinct machines, each plugged into
one UPS, right?
If so, then just configure nut for all three UPSes, and then each UPS
from the wall at a time. The notifications than nut receives will let
you identify each UPS.


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