[Nut-upsuser] Re: Nut-upsuser Digest, Vol 21, Issue 29

Kjell Claesson kjell.claesson at epost.tidanet.se
Thu Mar 29 16:18:18 CET 2007

OK Arjen,

I think i need more time in my bed.
tor 2007-03-29 klockan 08:42 +0200 skrev Arjen de Korte:
> >> THANKS, but the 'megatec' driver only works whith windows OS via USB,
> >> and i need it for red hat OS with USB-serial connection...
> > No need to be upset, what Arjen de Korte was referring to was that the
> > ups use the megatec protocol.
> Yes. And since you appear to be using a USB-to-serial converter, you
> should use the 'megatec' driver from nut-2.0.5.
> > But as the megatec_usb driver is new in the NetworkUpsTools he say that
> > you need to build it from source.
> No. Apparently, the UPS has a serial connection and is connected through
> an USB-to-serial converter, so the megatec_usb driver can't be used. You
> need the 'megatec' driver from nut-2.0.5.

Yes you are right. Was missing the point that the interface acted like a
usb-to-serial converter.

So it would work with the megatec driver. So it would be possible to 
test with nut-2.0.4 if you get hold of an rpm for RH9.

> > There is no new RPM's for RH9 that include this driver.
> There may be RPM's for RH9 for nut-2.0.5. I don't know, I only have RPM's
> for openSUSE. Anyone?
> Best regards, Arjen


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