[Nut-upsuser] Mustek Powermust 600VA

Carlos Rodrigues carlos.efr at mail.telepac.pt
Wed Nov 21 11:26:32 UTC 2007

On Nov 20, 2007 9:43 PM, Krzysztof Sasiak <krzsas at o2.pl> wrote:
>   I'm having a hard time configuring a Mustek Powermust 600VA ups to
> work via USB with nut. I read somewhere that nut works OK via the
> rs232 cable, but unfortunately I don't have a COM port in my computer.
>   The kernel detects the ups as an Xbox pad :) and loads the xpad
> module. I tried running /lib/nut/megatec with different /dev/ttySx but
> it displays megatec protocol UPS was not detected.

That UPS may be supported by "megatec_usb" (or may not yet be).

Anyway, you can get an USB-to-serial adapter (one supported by the
kernel) and connect the serial port on the UPS to an USB port on your
machine. Then you can use the regular megatec driver with something
like "/dev/ttyUSB0". I never done it myself, but it should work.

Carlos Rodrigues

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