[Nut-upsuser] BelkinUNV Serial Problems (Was CyberPower 1500AVRT won't load driver!)

Richard Chapman rchapman at aardvark.com.au
Thu Nov 29 02:37:05 UTC 2007

Hi Arjen

I guess you are right that we learned something from running the driver 
stand alone - but the debug level didn't seem to add as much verbosity 
as it did with other drivers. I have checked on your suggestions:

> A couple of things can be wrong here. The serial port (or the setup) is
> broken. I've seen similar problems with serial ports that had problems
> where the IRQ settings of the BIOS were not setup properly and/or they
> were not configured properly in /etc/modules.conf.
I checked the bios settings - and they look right to me. The first port 
used IRQ4 and the second IRQ3. To try to eliminate the possibility that 
I am connecting to the wrong port - I also disabled each of the ports 
(one at a time) and rebooted and re ran the Belkinunv driver. In all 
cases I got exactly the same response.

I looked for /etc/modules.conf - but couldn't find this file. I'm not 
sure what that means. Maybe Centos used a different system?

> Another thing could be that the serial cable used is broken.
The serial cable was working a few days ago using the Belkin supplied 
software on another (older) linux centos 4.5 system.

Thanks again for all your help here Arjen. I now do have a solution 
using USB - but I t6hoght I should try to get to the bottom of the 
serial problem while I have the linux box available for testing. If you 
have any more ideas on the serial port - please let me know.

Thanks again


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