[Nut-upsuser] MGE Evolution and programmable outlets configuration

Marco Chiappero marco at absence.it
Sun Dec 7 00:11:19 UTC 2008

Arjen de Korte ha scritto:
> At the moment we're working on making switchable outlets more useful.


> For now, you'll indeed have to setup 'upssched' to shutdown the 
> computers. After shutting down, it makes little difference to also cut 
> power to their outlets. The difference in runtime for the UPS will be 
> insignificant in this case.

Of course. Moreover there is almost no difference between a power outage 
and an outlet cutting power without any notice.

> Where switchable outlets *are* useful, is when power is restored. You'll 
> need to cycle the power to restart the systems up again. Here having 
> multiple switched outputs is an advantage, since that allows you to only 
> cycle power on the outlets where needed.

I'm sorry, maybe I'm going to be too much critic somehow, but I'm a 
little bit disappointed with the MGE Evolution itself, not with the 
powershare concept or NUT. For example it would be much better to 
restore power on the programmable outlets when the batteries charge is 
above a wanted value rather than a certain period of time (the only 
option available). It seems to me that, in conjunction with the 
unnotified shutdown issue, this limitation let you connect to these 
outlets only loads that do not even need to be powered during a main 
outage. Talking about my setup, the PC is up only when I'm using it, so 
it's not important to be powered up automatically, while I want the 
server to come back as soon as there is charge enough for another forced 
shutdown (in case of a second outage). About the phone/modem/router I'd 
like to have them up as soon as the power is restored. I though it was 
possible to achive this easly, they are not so weird needs, but it seems 
to be tricky even in presence of the powershare feature. So I'm asking 
to myself whether it really helps or not.
However here I am if you will need a tester for the new code (unless in 
the meantime I've replaced my MGE with an APC Smart UPS, with no annoing 
fan, more power and runtime, for the same money).

> Best regards, Arjen

Thank you!


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