[Nut-upsuser] HP/Compaq T700H UPS cable pinout

Mathew McBride matt at mcbridematt.dhs.org
Sun Dec 21 22:55:02 UTC 2008

I'm not sure its a PW5115, as the PW5115 has a USB port. I've been using 
a Windows box to test with HP's software and PuTTY as my Linux server 
doesn't have a serial port yet.. but with the PW5115 cable it doesn't 
work either.

I did fool around with a volt meter on the UPS serial port and found the 
following in case it narrows things down:
Pin 5: Ground
Pin 6: 12V
Pin 2: -8V
This is when everything is nominal, AC power on, battery OK.

On 21/12/08 9:20 PM, Kjell Claesson wrote:
> Den Sunday 21 December 2008 00.20.04 skrev Mathew McBride:
>> Hello Kjell,
> OK Mathew,
>> I've already tried the pinout mentioned in the pdf, unfortunately the
>> units there are older ones pre-HP merger, the 'H' (or 'XR') series which
>> I have was later branded HP..
>> This document from HP:
>> http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c00367363.pdf lists 201092-002 as
>> being the bundled cable with mine.
> Have checked my doc's and it looks like it is a re-branded PW5115.
> http://lit.powerware.com/ll_download.asp?file=PW5115_Users_manual_1015715B_E.pdf
> This pdf is only showing drawings, but the PW5115 750VA looks the same as the
> HP T700H. The document is also showing a connection of the serial cable
> (page 12 ).
> But then you need to try out the bcmxcp driver. As the XR models droped
> the use of upscode2.
> /Kjell

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