[Nut-upsuser] Exide NetUPS SE (aka Powerware 5119 etc)

Johan Adler johan.adler at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 23:33:29 UTC 2008

My UPS is an Exide NetUPS SE PRC1500i (1500 VA), also known as
Powerware 5119, according to Karl Schmidt
also Deltec PowerRite Pro II, and according to
http://www.usedups.de/compaq_ups.html also Compaq R3000h. I am not
sure if the information in http://www.bps.hu/powerware/model_en.html
is to be interpreted as that it was previously also known as Fiskars
PowerRite Max and before that Fiskars PowerServer 10. The current
Powerware models (e.g. the sucessor 5125) are sold under the name
Eaton Powerware.

The NUT UPS hardware compatibility list does list Compaq R3000h,
Deltec PowerRite Pro II, Exide NetUPS SE, Fiskars PowerRite Max,
Fiskars PowerServer 10, and Powerware 5119. They are all said to be
compatible with the genericups driver, type 15, except for the two
Fiskars models and the Compaq OEM version, that should all work with
the upscode2 driver.

I made a serial adapter (allowing me to use a standard serial cable)
according to the specifications in
http://www.usedups.de/uploads/pics/Lansafecable_1_.jpg (should work
with 3115, 5105, 5119, 9110, 9150 and 9305), confirmed by

Powerware's user's guide (currently
says that the 5119 is UPS Code II compliant, so I decided to try the
upscode2 driver. The user's guide also helped me confirm the cable

Using minicom I get the same output as Karl Schmidt

The upscode2 driver works just fine for me, except for the fact that
my UPS has what Powerware calls two "load segments" that the driver
does not seem to acknowledge. I have tried the bcmxcp driver (that
according to the source seems to support these load segments) but it
does not recognize my UPS, at least not with the cable I am using.

* Powerware 5119, also known under other names, work fine with the
upscode2 driver except for the "load segment" part.
* The following cable should work with Powerware  3115, 5105, 5119,
9110, 9150 and 9305 (and clones):

1 -------- 3
2 -------- 2
4 -------- 5
5 -------- 1
6 -------- 8

I suggest that the UPS hardware compatibility list is updated iin
order to show that the 5119 (under all it's names) support the UPS
Code II protocol, and that the cable specifications are included in
the NUT package. It might also be a good idea to alter the list so
that the aliases of a model point to the main model, making it easier
to maintain the list and keep it current.

Johan Adler
Stockholm, Sweden

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