[Nut-upsuser] MGE Evolution and programmable outlets configuration

Marco Chiappero marco at absence.it
Wed Dec 24 18:09:44 UTC 2008

Arnaud Quette ha scritto:
> Hi Marco,

Hi Arnaud!

> just a (very) quick followup...

It's long enough, don't worry :)

[Evolution vs. Ellipse]
> There is a small difference between Ellipse MAX and Evolution that
> justify the need of the fan.

I'm getting curious :)
Speaking about mine I can say it's cool and the power consumption during 
normal use it's similar to many other fanless electric/electronic 
devices. But I can't say if a particular component need to work in a low 
temperature range, MGE's engineers know much better than me what's 
inside the Evolution.
[commercial advertising] However I think it's possible to design and 
produce a fanless low power (but line-interactive, true sine-wave) UPS 
(like APC does), I'd surely buy another one ;) [/commercial advertising]

> about the 2 fan speeds, and the fact that these are always running:
> - the 2 speeds are there to address online/trim/boost for the first, and
> onbattery cases,

I know and it's good to have it spinning in such cases. Fortunately they 
are pretty rare so it's not an annoying behaviour.

> - the fact that it's never stopped is partly due to the lack of
> temperature sensor to act smartly, and to be sure that the fan will
> *always* be able to be restarted.

Adding some temperature control should not increase costs significally. 
About the fan unable to restart it makes sense, but there are fans 
capable of autorestarting. Notebooks use to stop and restart fans 
without frying the hardware (nobody wants to, either the user nor the 
manufacturer). IMHO thermal control is as important as airflow and hwmon 
ICs for OEMs costs a few dollar.
I want to be clear I do not want to teach nothing to MGE, I understand 
your words and MGE's choices which are fine, mine are just thoughts and 
suggestions that in my opinion could make the Evolution a kickass 
product with not much effort.

> To answer your question, yes the UPS will restart when the power is
> restored.
> This is linked to the below HID data (the raw output you'll see when
> starting usbhid-ups in debug mode, level 3 min. iirc):
> UPS.PowerConverter.Input.[1].AutomaticRestart
> This one default to 1, which means "turn on when power is restored".
> It's available since some customers might want to turn it off for
> various reasons...


[software powershare features]
> these 2 points (more default shutdown options as in PSP, and more /
> smarter outlets options for shutdown handling) are part of the TODO
> list, or at least part of the discussion/thoughts underway.
> I guess / hope that I will soon have even more time to work on these NUT
> subjects in the coming time (check next week's Christmas mail for more
> info...)

Good news :)

> I hope to have answered your questions.

Sure! I have to say huge thank you. Thank you for your support, your 
attention, your informations and kind replies. I have never seen so much 
care in dealing with customers, I'm impressed :)

I'm going to leave for a vacation, so I won't be able to reply for a 
couple of weeks. I the meantime I wish you a Merry Christmas and an 
Happy New Year!


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