[Nut-upsuser] Network UPS Tools version 2.2.2 released

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Wed May 14 13:22:52 UTC 2008

On Wed, 14 May 2008 14:09:08 +0200, Arnaud Quette wrote:
> 2008/5/14 Jean Delvare <khali at linux-fr.org>:
> >  Freshmeat has a field where you can point the visitors to a demo site.
> >  I think it would make sense to use that for nut, it would be even more
> >  appealing than a simple screenshot. I was about to add my own upsstats
> >  page there [1] (which is what I used for the screenshot) but before
> >  doing that, I wanted to ask:
> >  * if anyone objects to me doing that, and
> >  * whether someone has a more complete nut setup that would better
> >   demonstrate how powerful nut is. My setup has a single UPS, it's a
> >   bit cheap given what nut can do. Remember that it only makes sense
> >   to use your setup as a demo page if it is OK for the information to
> >   be public and if the URL will be valid for the months or preferably
> >   years to come (which is the case of mine.)
> >
> >  [1] http://jdelvare.pck.nerim.net/ups/
> this "feature" is part of the many "communication" tasks I still have
> to handle (my bad!), like test.networkupstools.org (still to be
> finished).
> So yes, you're welcome to register a demo link, but using the freshly
> created http://demo.networkupstools.org/
> I've pointed your page, and just regenerated the DNS entries. So it
> will take a few more days to propagate.

This matches what Thomas Jarosch suggested elsewhere in this thread,
and is fine with me. I'll wait for the DNS update to happen before I
add the link to Freshmeat.

> we'll check later on for something more complete, but in the meantime,
> it fills the gap that exists since I've taken over the projects and
> since the exploit.org pages have been removed (including the nut
> demo).

Works for me.

> As a side note, you can always fire up one or more dummy-ups to simulate UPSs.

I am out of time to play with this. I proposed my site as a demo
because doing so had ~0 cost for me (it was already online anyway). Note
that I am not insisting on my setup being used as a demo. If anybody has
something better, let's use it.

> Finally, I'm still sad to see an APC as a NUT demo ;-p

He he, I understand ;) That's always the same story... I've been
telling everyone around me that I was about to replace my UPS, nobody
provided any suggestion about what I should buy or not, and when I
finally announced that I went for an APC model, several people told me
that they had better experience with other brands. Sigh. Next time I
think I'll just claim I have bought the hardware _before_ I actually
do, so that people tell me what they think about it ;)

That being said, for what I'm doing, this particular APC model is
working good enough for me, so I'm happy with what I have.

Jean Delvare

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