[Nut-upsuser] ups question from your web site

Peter Selinger selinger at mathstat.dal.ca
Thu Oct 16 03:05:12 UTC 2008

Dear Nick,

thanks for writing. I no longer work on development of UPS drivers;
you will probably get a more up-to-date answer from the nut-upsuser
mailing list (cc'd).

I don't know if the Back-UPS 550 has similar commands to the Back-UPS
ES 650. If it has a USB connection, then the answer is probably yes. 

The UPS will automatically turn itself back on after a power failure;
this is the default behavior.

The question is whether your *computer* will turn itself back on after
a power failure. This is an option you can usually configure in the
BIOS (i.e., by pressing F1 or ESC or something just before the
computer starts to boot).

Hope this helps, -- Peter

nspag wrote:
> dear mr. selinger,
> I read your ups article on back-ups es 650.
> I have a back-ups 550.
> would this have similar commands?
> I am interested in having the UPS turn itself back on, after a power
> failure, without me hqaving to hit the power button.
> I am comfortable working with computers, but not too familiar with the
> NUT stuff for sending commands to the UPS, but I am just curious if this
> feature is available on this UPS.
> Per APC, they are very cryptic in their response, and their PowerChute
> personal does not have many features to control this unit.
> thanks
> Nick spagnola

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