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Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 17:30:48 UTC 2009

[cc'ing the list]
On Dec 27, 2009, at 12:14 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:

> On Sunday 27 December 2009, Charles Lepple wrote:
>> On Dec 27, 2009, at 9:49 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> Greetings all;
>>> Back to a thread I started back in May of 2008 I think.  I never did
>>> get this
>>> belkin and nut to talking, so I thought I'd make another run at it.
>>> Trying to run the driver as the user gene, I'm getting this:
>>> ---------------------------
>>> [root at coyote ups]# su gene -c "/sbin/belkin -D -a myups"
>>> Network UPS Tools - Belkin Smart protocol driver 0.21 (2.2.2)
>>> debug level is '1'
>>> Unable to open /dev/hidraw0: Permission denied
>> Hey Gene,
>> At the moment (this applies to both 2.2.2 and 2.4.1), none of our
>> drivers will use /dev/hidraw* devices. Serial port drivers use /dev/
>> ttyS* and /dev/ttyUSB*, and the USB drivers use a matching scheme
>> based on vendor and product IDs.
>>> /dev/hidraw0 was _not_ created during boot time discovery, and was
>>> only
>>> created when I momentarily unplugged the data cable, which when I
>>> plugged it
>>> back in, which returned this in the messages log:
>> Not sure why it didn't appear at boot time, but since our drivers
>> don't use that interface, it is soon to become a moot point. One of
>> the side effects of the usbhid-ups driver is that it will tell the
>> kernel HID driver to release the /dev/hid* device when it connects,  
>> so
>> that /dev entry will disappear.
>>> -----------------------------
>>> Dec 27 08:52:39 coyote kernel: [77690.153405] usb 1-10.1: new low
>>> speed USB
>>> device using ehci_hcd and address 16
>>> Dec 27 08:52:39 coyote kernel: [77690.368022] usb 1-10.1: New USB
>>> device
>>> found, idVendor=050d, idProduct=0751
>> Looking in the Hardware Compatibility List under Belkin, we can see
>> that a number of devices mention Vendor ID 050d:
>> http://new.networkupstools.org/stable-hcl.html
>> They are all listed next to the "usbhid-ups" driver.
>> You should be able to run with the following entry in ups.conf:
>> [myups]
>> 	driver = usbhid-ups
>> 	port = auto
>> 	vendorid = 050d
>> If not, please send us the error you get when starting the driver,  
>> and
>> remind us which distribution of Linux you are running.
> Fedora F10, kernel 2.6.32
> I made it so in /etc/ups/ups.conf:
> [root at coyote ups]# /sbin/belkin -D -a myups
> Network UPS Tools - Belkin Smart protocol driver 0.21 (2.2.2)
> Fatal error: 'vendorid' is not a valid variable name for this driver.

/sbin/belkin is only for RS-232 serial connections to Belkin hardware.  
(Most of the NUT drivers were named well before USB UPSes were  

You probably want /sbin/usbhid-ups.

>> We're starting to make a bigger distinction in the documentation,
> What docs?  No man nut or pinfo nut pages seem to exist.  Newbies  
> need a
> starting point.

Each driver has its own man page (e.g. "man belkin"), and they refer  
to the "nutupsdrv" generic man page for all NUT drivers.

Again, the "belkin" driver predates the USB-enabled Belkin units, so  
when the USB drivers were introduced, the older serial driver  
documentation was not updated to reflect the new USB-enabled hardware.

The documentation is also available online:


We are still in the middle of deploying it, so please let us know if  
you run across any broken links, or other inconsistencies there.

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