[Nut-upsuser] XPCC XVRT-1000 driver

Jeffrey B. Green jeff at kikisoso.org
Wed Dec 30 14:21:36 UTC 2009

Kjell Claesson wrote:
> This looks god. Status signaling is working, so now it is only the
> calculation of the values returned from the ups.
> The tricky thing is that you use an 'old' driver. The version of nut
> is up to 2.4.1 stable. And is soon going to 2.6.x.
> Your internal revision is 0.5 of the powercom driver, and it is 0.11 in
> 2.4.1 as I can see.
> In svn trunk it is up to 0.12. And there have been changes around KIN
> models in 0.8, so the new driver may give you better readings.
> This need to be tested before talking to the developer list about adding
> support for the XPCC.
> Checked the svn and the changes to 0.12 is only structural so it would not
> add any functional changes.
> Is it possible for you to upgrade to nut-2.4.1 ?

I like to run stable (Debian) on our production machines, which this
server with ups is destined for. However, since nut isn't a particular
security sensitive package (is it?), I could probably build a version
from testing or unstable to use. The version in testing is 2.4.1 and I
suspect the version in unstable isn't very different from that. I'll go
ahead and build a version of 2.4.1 for lenny (backports doesn't seem to
have nut in it) to see what happens... Also, we'll be upgrading to
squeeze when it comes out (hopefully) early this coming year since we're
needing newer versions of other packages.


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