[Nut-upsuser] Intel P55 Chipset BUG [usbhid-raw/devices/broken?] [tested 3 different UPS']

Justin Piszcz jpiszcz at lucidpixels.com
Sat Oct 31 23:43:38 UTC 2009

On Sat, 31 Oct 2009, Alan Stern wrote:

> On Sat, 31 Oct 2009, Justin Piszcz wrote:
>> Hello,
>> SUMMARY: P55 Chipset/USB has issues with UPS' (broken pipe on 3 diff UPS')
>> WORKAROUND: Buy/use PCI USB card if you want to use nut/connect a UPS.
>> NOTES: All other USB (non-UPS) devices seem to function without any
>>         problems.
>> On Thu, 29 Oct 2009, Justin Piszcz wrote:
>>> Problem: When I migrated from a DG965WH -> DP55KG motherboard, there were
>>> quite a bit of issues, host still does not reboot without special flags, e.g.
>>> reboot=a, the NIC driver is broken with the in-kernel version (the one on
>>> e1000.sourceforge) fixes that and finally my UPS USB has driver stale
>>> problems, with two issues already relating to the HW/drivers themselves it
>>> would not be unrealistic to speculate that there could be an issue with the
>>> USB chipset/driver with this P55 motherboard.
>> --
>> Tried another APC 1500VA UPS, same problem occurs, different cable/port etc.
>> Problem appears to be the Intel P55KG / USB Chipset in the way that it
>> handles usbhid-raw devices as CD/USB sticks/kbd/mouse/etc do not appear to
>> be affected.
>> So far all other USB devices work fine, with the exception of UPS', I
>> have tested two APC 1500VA (one an RS the other an XS), in addition I also
>> have a 'BELKIN 1200VA UPS with AVR' from a long time ago, the same
>> problem occurs.
> ...
>> A bit frustrated, I popped in a PCI card with 4 external USBs, and now no
>> more errors:
> We might learn something by comparing two usbmon logs for the same UPS
> device, one plugged into a USB port on the motherboard and the other
> plugged into an add-on card.
> Alan Stern

Hi Alan,

Got it--two runs:

1. 5 minutes of usbmon output on via chipset [working]
2. 5 minutes of usbmon output on intel p55 usb chipset [ehci/not working]



1. cat 0u | tee /tmp/1.mon.out
2. /etc/init.d/nut start
3. sleep 300; killall -9 cat




Issues/5-minute run (initial errors mainly occur within the first 2 min)
(5 minute capture)
Issues/5-minute run (initial errors mainly occur within the first 2 min)
(again) (5 minute capture)
Errors past 5 minutes occur around 6-7 minutes and later, hence this last one
nut had been running for 5-7 minutes when I started it, it captured a
disconnect and reconnect toward the end FYI. (capture until error > 5 min)

No issues on the PCI USB card: (5 minute capture)



wget http://home.comcast.net/~jpiszcz/20091031/1.mon.out.p55chipset.2.one.more.time.txt
wget http://home.comcast.net/~jpiszcz/20091031/1.mon.out.p55chipset.2.one.more.time.while.nut.is.running.txt
wget http://home.comcast.net/~jpiszcz/20091031/1.mon.out.p55chipset.2.txt
wget http://home.comcast.net/~jpiszcz/20091031/1.mon.out.via.no.errors.txt


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