[Nut-upsuser] GE lanpor ups monitored with SNMP stop to monitor after upgrade

Александр Деревянко der at btsig.ru
Fri Apr 2 08:29:30 UTC 2010

Hello All !

Recently I have upgraded NUT to 2.4.1, and now I can't monitor old IMV 
LanPro S3 UPS with old SNMP board.
Previously it is monitored OK, but now snmp-ups refuses to start:

[root at perforce /usr/local/etc/nut]# /usr/local/libexec/nut/snmp-ups -a 
lanproups -DDDDDDD
Network UPS Tools - Generic SNMP UPS driver 0.44 (2.4.1)
debug level is '7'
SNMP UPS driver : entering upsdrv_initups()
SNMP UPS driver : entering nut_snmp_init(snmp-ups,, v1, 
SNMP UPS driver : entering load_mib2nut(auto)
load_mib2nut: trying apcc mib
load_mib2nut: trying mge mib
load_mib2nut: trying netvision mib
load_mib2nut: trying pw mib
load_mib2nut: trying ietf mib
load_mib2nut: trying aphel_genesisII mib
load_mib2nut: trying aphel_revelation mib
load_mib2nut: trying raritan mib
No supported device detected
[root at perforce /usr/local/etc/nut]#

 From ups.conf:

        driver = snmp-ups
        port =

I can ping UPS, I can telnet to it, but I can't monitor it:

[root at perforce /usr/local/etc/nut]# telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

GEDE SNMP card login:GE
Password: **
---<<Current config>>---<<Code v1.84 
   [IP=] [mask=] [gateway=]
1. boot-method    = [configured ip/mask/gw]    R. clear reset count [45]
2. ip-address     = []             T. ping
3. subnet mask    = []             U. trap config
4. gateway        = []             V. responsible e-mail
5. trap addresses = [] [] [] []
6. trap community = [public] [public] [public] [public]
7. trap UDP port  = [162] [162] [162] [162]     W. modaddr = [0]
8. get-community  = [public]
9. set-community  = [public]
A. sys-contact    = [The contact person for this agent]
B. sys-name       = [The administrative name of the agent]
C. sys-location   = [Somethere]
D. upsName        = [lanproups]
E. upsAttachedDev = [xit]
F. snmpport       = [161]    H. telnet server  = [on]
G. httpport       = [80]     I. http server    = [on]
J. telnet/http username = [GE]
K. change telnet/http password   L. update firmware   M. MAC   N. reboot
O. cardaddr = [0]   P. upsaddr = [0]   Q. logout   S. ethernet = [Auto]


 From my previous expirience, I know, that this SNMP board for some 
reason deny to report UPS temperature (everything else is OK).
May be, it's the problem for NUT 2.4.1?

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