[Nut-upsuser] Tripp Lite SmartOnline 3U

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The units I use are Lavalink. I have used them on a couple of flavors of
CentOS. My Nut server currently has about 60 virtual serial ports that
monitor ups units spread across the campus.

The only issue I have run into is sometimes a Lavalink unit will hang during
a reboot and not come back online. I attribute this to the number of units
and the slowness of the disconnect. I never had a problem during testing
with only 4 ports.

Other than that and the last time I checked I had to ask support to get the
latest drivers for the kenel I was running, they work pretty good.


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Oops hit the button on my phone.

Another advantage to the converter is it can be moved to any brand the
supports serial and there i...

> > On Apr 7, 2010 10:23 AM, "Greg Terkanian" <gregt at crystalcomputer.com>
wrote: > > Citeren Arjen ...


That was the theory I was going for when I implemented the current solution,
however I would have preferred a USB/Ethernet device that supported Linux
clients.  I couldn’t find one.  Do you have a recommendation for your
serial/Ethernet hardware for Linux clients?


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