[Nut-upsuser] Power Walker VI 2000 LCD

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Tue Dec 21 14:14:29 UTC 2010

Citeren Alexander Todorov <atodorov op otb.bg>:

> # upsc powerwalker
> battery.voltage: 24.60
> battery.voltage.nominal: 24.0
> beeper.status: enabled
> device.type: ups
> driver.name: blazer_usb
> driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
> driver.parameter.port: auto
> driver.parameter.vendorid: 0665
> driver.version: 2.4.3
> driver.version.internal: 0.03
> input.current.nominal: 9.0
> input.frequency: 50.1
> input.frequency.nominal: 50
> input.voltage: 3.4
> input.voltage.fault: 3.9
> input.voltage.nominal: 220
> output.voltage: 221.0
> ups.delay.shutdown: 30
> ups.delay.start: 180
> ups.load: 0
> ups.productid: 5161
> ups.status: OB
> ups.type: offline / line interactive
> ups.vendorid: 0665
> I have an additional question though. According to the docs NUT will  
> execute the SHUTDOWNCMD when the battery level becomes low/critical.
> Is there a way to configure when the battery level is considered  
> low? For example - shut down when battery reaches 50% of its charge.

You'll see in the above output that your UPS doesn't report battery  
charge. The blazer_usb driver can attempt to guestimate the charge  
remaining (see 'man 8 blazer'), but since the UPS doesn't report the  
load either, this will not be nearly good enough to base a decision to  
shutdown on. We really have no reliable means to determine charge  
remaining if the UPS is not providing us with the necessary  
measurement values.

You'll have to rely on the UPS to warn about a low battery well before  
it is actually empty to shutdown. If this is not what you want, buy a  
different UPS that is smart enough to keep track of the charge  
remaining without the help of a NUT driver. It will invariably also  
support changing the value at which it decides when the battery is low.

Best regards, Arjen
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