[Nut-upsuser] Again me :)

Kjell Claesson kjell.claesson at epost.tidanet.se
Wed Dec 29 12:51:37 UTC 2010

> This is out from blazer_usb -DD -a mustek -u root :
> http://pastebin.com/63QHfdU0
   1.606976     blazer_vendor: short reply
   1.607091     Vendor information read 1 failed
   2.612971     blazer_vendor: short reply
   2.613078     Vendor information read 2 failed
   3.618972     blazer_vendor: short reply
   3.619077     Vendor information read 3 failed
   3.619168     Vendor information unavailable

Yep this tell me that it don't support that command. Maybe your ups
is using another command for this.

Maybe Arjen have something on this.

> The funny thing is when I eject power cord from ups and back in, my fuse
> from electricity goes down! :) and same UPS with same connection when I put
> on pc which is on windows, everything is ok.
> Battery level is low, pc go down and on power back, ups start again and pc
> (because I put in bios on power back, to turn on).

It may be the same here. The command to shut down the ups is 
'shutdown power off' instead of 'shutdown return on power'

Do you have any
in your ups.conf?
Because the command is the same for power off stay off and power off return.
The difference is that return need a power on delay.

It looks like this.
S1R0 (off delay 1 and ondelay 0. Then it stay off.)
S1R1(off delay 1 and ondelay 1. It return in one minute.)

Check the man page for the blazer ups.


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