[Nut-upsuser] USBDEVFS_CONTROL failed cmd usbhid-ups

Thomas Gutzler thomas.gutzler at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 06:41:27 UTC 2010

Hi Arjen,

After a 'short' break, I have received a replacement device a couple of
days ago and am now ready to run some tests on the pair of EATON upses.

At the moment, both upses have a similar load (~11%)
I have noticed that the amount of EMI errors (disabling and re-enabling
the port) has dropped (compared to 2 months ago) to 15 since I connected
the ups 5 days ago and there wasn't a single one for 2.5 days now. There
were none during the time where only one ups (the old MGE) was connected.

USBDEVFS_CONTROL errors still happen on both ports.

This is all using libupsclient1 2.4.1-2ubuntu4.

Next thing to do is increase the load on both upses at different times
and compare the results. Then maybe do the same thing with the svn
version of the libraries/drivers.

In your last email you mentioned that you are receiving an EATON Ellipse
UPS yourself. Did you have any luck reproducing any of the errors I
reported? Maybe further insight or suggestions how to tackle this problem?


On 9/12/2009 11:37 AM, Thomas Gutzler wrote:
> Hi Arjen,
> I finally managed to do my testing of the whole system and it turned out
> that the UPS was faulty (after 1 month of operation!) and didn't provide
> any battery backup when supply cut out. I'm pretty sure I tested it with
> a single pc when I got it just not with the full load attached to it. So
> I'm sending it back to get a replacement, which means that I can't do
> anything until the new device is back. Maybe that also solves the other
> problems I was having. I'll keep you updated.
> Tom

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