[Nut-upsuser] My previous post (lengthy, lots of tarace output)

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 20:58:12 UTC 2010

On Saturday 02 January 2010, Charles Lepple wrote:
>On Jan 2, 2010, at 1:26 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> This page has a bunch of default locations for components of Apache,
>>> which was the default web server in Fedora the last time I checked:
>>> http://wiki.apache.org/httpd/DistrosDefaultLayout#Fedora_Core.2C_CentOS.
>>>2C_ RHEL:
>> Very very old, not generally applicable as its for nut-1.4.1.
>Hmm? That link is describing the layout for Apache httpd, nothing
>specifically for NUT.
>> Locating mod_cgi:
>> [root at coyote httpd]# locate mod_cgi
>> /usr/lib/httpd/modules/mod_cgi.so
>> /usr/lib/httpd/modules/mod_cgid.so
>> /usr/lib64/httpd/modules/mod_cgi.so
>> /usr/lib64/httpd/modules/mod_cgid.so
>> /usr/libexec/webmin/apache/mod_cgi.pl
>> /var/www/manual/mod/mod_cgi.html
>> /var/www/manual/mod/mod_cgid.html
>> And
>> [root at coyote httpd]# grep -R mod_cgi *
>> conf/httpd.conf:LoadModule cgi_module modules/mod_cgi.so
>I am pretty sure that mod_cgi is the CGI module you want.
Yes, it is present and being loaded by /etc/httpd/httpd.conf, and I have the 
.cgi scripts installed in every possible location.  Doesn't make any diff.

upsc myups output:
[root at coyote httpd]# upsc myups                            
battery.charge: 100                                        
battery.charge.low: 30
battery.charge.warning: 30
battery.runtime: 120
battery.type: PbAc
battery.voltage: 27.7
battery.voltage.nominal: 24
driver.name: usbhid-ups
driver.parameter.pollfreq: 30
driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
driver.parameter.port: auto
driver.version: 2.4.1
driver.version.data: Belkin HID 0.12
driver.version.internal: 0.34
input.frequency: 60.0
input.frequency.nominal: 60
input.transfer.high: 140
input.transfer.high.max: 144
input.transfer.high.min: 140
input.transfer.low: 88
input.transfer.low.max: 88
input.transfer.low.min: 84
input.voltage: 126.7
input.voltage.nominal: 120
output.frequency: 60.0
output.voltage: 126.3
ups.beeper.status: enabled
ups.delay.shutdown: 20
ups.delay.start: 30
ups.firmware: 1
ups.load: 32
ups.mfr: Belkin
ups.model: Belkin UPS
ups.power.nominal: 1500
ups.productid: 0751
ups.status: OL CHRG
ups.test.result: Done and passed
ups.timer.shutdown: 0
ups.timer.start: 0
ups.type: offline
ups.vendorid: 050d

So that is all working.  So I guess my next question is:  Is the firefox 
mimetypes file busted?  If so, where do I edit it? This is FF-3.5.6 I 

An hour later while this message reply simmers on desktop 8:

Aha! Voila!  I found a display gui that works, more or less.  
KNutClient-0.9.5.tar.gz, installed with the fedora script, then copied the 
knutclient.desktop for it to my Desktop folder & a wee bit of configuration, 
and its displaying about half the stuff I moved to the right hand column.  
That is enough to at least let me know its healthy, with meters and 
blinkenlites.  ;)

Cheers, Gene
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