[Nut-upsuser] APC CS650 not turning load back on when power return

Andy Hawkins andy at gently.org.uk
Tue Oct 5 19:32:36 UTC 2010

Hi all,

In article <slrniacdg3.o7l.andy at atom.gently.org.uk>,
           Andy Hawkins<andy at gently.org.uk> wrote:
> A bit more info. I have been in touch with the people at apc-forums just to
> make sure this isn't a UPS fault. They had me try the Powerchute software
> under Windows to see if it behaves in the same way.
> Using this software, the power to the load is restored once power to the UPS
> comes back (although it happens immediately rather than once the battery has
> charged a little as I'd expected).
> So it appears that the command NUT is sending to shutdown the load power
> from the UPS also prevents it from re-applying the load power once power to
> the UPS returns.
> Does this help?

Anyone got any ideas on this?



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