[Nut-upsuser] APC CS650 not turning load back on when powerreturn

Andy Hawkins andy at gently.org.uk
Wed Oct 6 19:16:04 UTC 2010


In article <CA7DE5705AF1449CBD59809243A479BA at ptslaptop>,
           Doug Parsons<doug at parsonsemail.com> wrote:
> As for restoring immediately I believe the battery level has some effect on 
> that.

It certainly didn't seem to. I think it (the Windows software) was set to
shut down once the battery got down to 2 minutes of runtime. Re-applying the
power to the UPS caused the load power to be re-applied immediately.

> Determining the command is a little more tricky. The best way to do this is 
> to sniff the connection since the manufacture does not make the commands 
> available. And to do this you need the UPS. So, since you have the UPS, if 
> you can hook the UPS back up to the Windows box. Run it with a sniffer on 
> the USB connection. Then see what commands are being sent, so that can be 
> compared to what NUT is actually sending.
> Haven't actually done this on USB myself but there appears to be a selection 
> of free sniffers out there. There is one that has a fully functional 33 day 
> trial that work on any 32 bit Windows, usblyzer. Search Google for: windows 
> usb sniffer.

Yeah, if nobody had a better answer then I had pretty much resigned myself
to doing this. I assume something similar is available under Linux to
capture the traffic from NUT that way? I also considered checking the source
of some of the others, like APCUPSD to see if they send different commands.


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