[Nut-upsuser] The data about EATON 5130 (was Re: Model list missing my UPS...)

Niels Kristian Jensen nkj at internetgruppen.dk
Thu Oct 7 19:16:06 UTC 2010

Hi Arjen de Korte,

you are right about the voltage - I should have noticed that.

I've tried to get the data using the driver with -DDD argument - but failed:

The output of /path/to/usbhid-ups -DDD -a PingvinUPS mainly shows 
resource conflicts, even if I stop the nut service.

(/etc/init.d/nut stop)

I attach the output of std-out and std-err as well as a new output of 
upsc. The battery level now shows 100% after some charging time.

Best regards,
Niels Kristian Jensen

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