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Will Cooke will at whizzy.org
Tue Sep 21 17:16:47 UTC 2010

On 19 September 2010 22:16, Charles Lepple <clepple at gmail.com> wrote:

> Remember when I said you were really close? Apparently, now that we've
> figured out that it isn't really "0.000000" for both cases, I think you just
> need to multiply the value by 1e7 in that function, sort of the same way
> that some Tripplite voltages are multiplied by 10:
> http://trac.networkupstools.org/projects/nut/browser/trunk/drivers/tripplite-hid.c#L155
> This function multiplies by the variable "battery_scale" because some
> Tripp-Lite product IDs get this right, and others don't - so the scale
> factor is set at initialization time. You might want to try a similar
> approach, just in case a new model comes out.
> The input and output voltages look like they need a similar adjustment, and
> the frequency probably needs to be divided by 10. Actually, this was
> mentioned in another email thread in July:
> http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/nut-upsuser/2010-July/006104.html
> ... and that seems to indicate that BatteryPresent and maybe other booleans
> need a scale factor, too.

Hi again,

I've made some progress with the sub-driver!

In order to work support for Vendor ID 10af probably needs to be
removed from the Belkin HID driver which tries to support the
LiebertPSP at the moment.

I've attached my efforts thus far.

Please remember, I'm not a programmer - so please feel free to point
out my glaring mistakes.  A lot of the new functions have been
borrowed wholesale from other functions and random web pages without
really understanding how they work.

What it does now that it didn't do before:

  Report OL instead of OB when on AC
  Report corrected values for voltages & frequency

I expect that the values for things like "NeedReplacement" will also
need converting, but I haven't checked yet.

What are the next steps?  Obviously I will check those other values
(NeedReplacement etc) and pass them through the conversion if
required, but what about other metrics?  Are ALL the features of the
UPS automatically added to the stub driver?  If not, how would I go
about discovering them.  For example, let's imagine the UPS could
report an estimated "time remaining", how would one discover this
feature, or is it impossible without a data sheet?

Thanks for all the guidance so far.

Cheers, Will
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