[Nut-upsuser] Could not turn off UPS

Dianne Yumul dianne at wellsgaming.com
Tue Sep 21 22:23:54 UTC 2010

Hello to all,

I have a Tripplite SMART1500RMXL2U and nut-2.4.3 running on CentOS 5.5.  To test the shutdown, I issued the command upsmon -c fsd but it was unable to turn off the ups.  I got the following message:

libusb_get_interrupt() returned 0 instead of 8 while sending 3a 47 b8 0d 00 00 00'. G......'  (repeated many times)
Could not turn off UPS (is it still on battery?)

At this point, I had to do a hard reset to restart the server.

Is there any way to get around this? What should I add after the upsdrvctl shutdown in the halt script if it can't shutdown the ups (reboot like it says in the docs)? 

Thank you,


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