[Nut-upsuser] Can't chdir to /var/state/ups: Permission denied

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 08:52:03 UTC 2010


2010/9/23 Tim Gomez

> Hello,
> I have been struggling to get the NUT software working with my Arch linux
> machine.
> http://www.archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/network-ups-tools/

this link is broken, and I can't find any network ups tools package in this

> I have attached a document containing the output of my configuration files.
> Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

I removed your attachment since it was of no help and still contained
sensible data.

[tgomez at STARSCREAM music]$ ls -l /var/state/
> total 4
> drwxrwx--- 2 nut nut 4096 Sep 20 21:30 ups
> [tgomez at STARSCREAM music]$ upsd -u nut
>  Network UPS Tools upsd 2.4.3
> /etc/ups/upsd.conf is world readable
> listening on port 3493
> Can't chdir to /var/state/ups: Permission denied
> [tgomez at STARSCREAM music]$ upsmon -u nut
> Network UPS Tools upsmon 2.4.3
> UPS: OMNIVS1500XL at localhost:3493 (master) (power value 1)
> Using power down flag file /etc/killpower
> [tgomez at STARSCREAM music]$
you have to launch nut programs (upsd, upsmon, drivers) as root, before they
drop privileges for the '-u' provided user name.

Network UPS Tools (NUT) Project Leader - http://www.networkupstools.org/
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