[Nut-upsuser] Multi UPS on Debian

Márk Csaba markcs at gwyll.eu
Mon Apr 4 10:12:14 UTC 2011

Hello Arjen,

as Armaud mentioned too, i'll have to change the bus-es. The UPS doesn't
give a serial.
I removed the unnecessary lines as you suggested.

Thanks for the reply and for the help!


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The recommended way to do use multiple USB devices, is to match the
serial number of the UPS. This will make sure that if you plug the
devices in a different port, the upsnames don't change. Check if the
serial number is reported by the devices if you run the driver with
the -DD option:

     /path/to/blazer_usb -DD -u root -a <upsname>

If it is, use that instead. Note that many generic USB to serial
converters don't have unique serial numbers. In that case, your only
option is to make sure they are on different busses and match those.
If that isn't possible either, you can't control them from the same

Best regards, Arjen

PS  Unless needed, you shouldn't use the vendorid, productid and
subdriver in ups.conf. Less is better here, since the additional
matching that is required if you do is a waste of effort (matching
regular expressions is expensive).
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