[Nut-upsuser] Belkin F6C550-AVR on Squeeze

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Mon Apr 11 07:25:31 UTC 2011

Citeren Josu Lazkano <josu.lazkano op gmail.com>:

> Hello list, I am trying to configure Belkin F6C550-AVR UPS on a  
> Squeeze server.
> I try with "usbhid-ups" but I get "(driver(s) failed)" message on  
> service start.


> This is my lsusb output:
> $ lsusb
> Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0665:5161 Cypress Semiconductor USB to Serial
> Can you help with this? I am reading lots of tutorial and howtos but
> there is no way to get it working.

If you look in the compatibility list for Belkin, you'll find that for  
almost all F6Cxxx models in the list two drivers are listed. The  
usbhid-ups driver for <= 2005 models and the blazer_usb driver for  
2007 models. I suspect that the internals of your UPS have also  
changed in the same way.

Best regards, Arjen
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